Wednesday Habitue Handmade Picks

March 31, 2015     / / / / / / / / / / / /

I come across so many beautiful homewares each week.  So many of them handmade and certainly anything but the granny image that was once associated with goods made at home by stay at home mums.   

Not that stay at home mums are the only ones creating incredible handmade goods, but they are certainly a large proportion of the mix and not only are they upping the quality of design and workmanship but they come armed with incredible entrepreneurial skills and real voice marketing campaigns.

Each Wednesday I will be showcasing some of my fave handmade homewares.  This week I’ve picked a monochrome theme,  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Please remember to support small business, support handmade & shop local.



1. Sir Trouble grid storage bag

I just love storage, you can never have too much and you can always find a use for it.  I’m not one to usually follow fads but I can’t resist the current grid trend, I love the way you can mix and match the most unlikely combinations with it. 


2. JLee marble cushion

Who doesn’t love marble?  Replica prints don’t always work design wise, how many very bad leopard prints so we see getting around.. This cushion nails it from a design perspective, more like agate than marble but very beautiful.



3. Fox & Ramona concrete ring cones

My personal fave is the marble look here but they are all beautiful and work so well as a group.  Simple design at it’s finest.

4. My Little Echo knot cushion

I love the organic quality of this cushion, the curved lines challenge your expectation and your sense of scale is disrupted.