Blue Hues

April 14, 2015     / / / / / / / / / / / /

This weeks picks were a collaboration with myself and the very talented Brady Price.

Brady has been giving me a hand at Habitue HQ and you will hear more from him over the coming months.

We love the inky blues, swirling marble, and watercolour effects in this weeks selection.

1.  Hand painted paper mobile by Dear Plastic

This mobile is for big or little kids!  We love the geometric shapes suspended so delicately.

The colours are a beautiful selection and the watercolour effect is a refreshing contrast against the hard lines of the shapes.


 2.  Ceramic bowl by Milly Dent

I have just discovered Milly Dent but will be keeping a close eye on her work from here in.

Her selection of blues and use of colour is just perfection; this pared with the gorgeous delicate  shapes of her pieces make them truly divine!  And how good does this ice cream look!!

3 Hand painted wallpaper by These Walls

Trawling through design inspiration, you often see similar designs and aesthetics day in, day out but occassionally something so different and so good will just jump out at you.  This was it for us this week!

This hand painted Leopard Palm wallpaper is reminiscent of designs you see painted in Asian temples but with an element of luxe.

4.  Hand painted cushion by House and Cart

With so many cushions on the market, it really takes something a little different to catch your eye.

These hand painted cushions by House and Cart have a bit of an industrial denim feel to them.  It’s great to see a different technique being used to produce a unique fabric.